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Meeting Bella

We have been talking and discussing about having a cat at home for probably more than a year though I have not really put too much thought into it. The idea is great but I’m not sure if we can cope as a family, and if Zarra is really ready to start taking care of her own pet. It is a thought that is always at the back of our mind, just never getting around to really discuss and decide.

Until now.

I was flipping through insta-stories when SPCA KK’s ad came up about Inanam Cats being abandon. It saddens me how humans equipped and gifted with emotions can do such horrible things to these cats! There was a particular picture that bothers me – a picture of a few cats climbing a window looking like they were trying to get out of the room. There were over 40 cats that was left there for a week with no food, no water and proper ventilation. It was just so sad!

I head over to SPCA KK’s instagram and browse through. Indeed, they are going through a hard time coping with abandoned stray cats and dogs. SPCA KK is an NGO working independently to assist in the welfare of strays and abused animals in KK. The society’s works are supported solely by donations from the general public and volunteers. They will care for the animals until they are healthy then put them up for adoption.

This was a few weeks ago. When the idea of adopting a cat is discussed again, I immediately thought of adopting from SPCA KK this time. I immediately thought of it, but I was nervous. I did not exactly act on it in fear that we can’t cope with a cat in the house. At this point Zarra has already name her soon to be cat – Isabella. After a while, we convinced ourselves to just drop by Harvest Fish and Pet Store in Penampang (their adoption room is here) and get Zarra to meet the cats and see how she feels about it and how we also feel about it. You know, just to get the feels.

and… the feels were amazing!

Zarra playing with Bella

We spent quite a time enjoying and playing with the cats there. There were two cats that was always playing and going around us. That’s when we met Oliver – we called him Oliver the whole time to only found out that the lady got the cat’s name wrong. Her actual name is Bella! Remember how Zarra wanted to name her cat Isabella? It was meant to be! The other cat was Oscar. I would love to adopt both but we think it’s best to start with one for now.

Cuddly Oscar!

How to adopt a cat from SPCA KK? Here’s what we did today.

  1. Let the staff know and I filled in the form with my details.
  2. Pay a deposit of RM50.
  3. An SPCA KK representative will contact us to do a house visit to check if we are ready to adopt a cat!

That’s it! The staff said it will usually take a week for a house visit. But just in case, I asked for a phone number I can contact just to let them know of our intention to adopt (also because I don’t think I can wait for another week!). I got the number, WhatsApp it and introduced myself. I got an immediate response from Lucy who then asked if she can do the house visit tomorrow. I said yes of course!

And that’s how we met Bella. Looking forward to the house visit tomorrow! Hope everything goes well, In Shaa Allah.

If you are currently thinking or deciding on getting a cat, please adopt and don’t buy. If you are residing in Kota Kinabalu, get in touch with SPCA KK on how you can adopt, donate or volunteer.



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