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At this point, you are probably wondering why in the world would I want to learn brush calligraphy (or at least I assume you do hehe). I do not have any background with calligraphy, I’m not a super major fan of calligraphy either. I don’t intentionally browse the internet, facebook or instagram for calligraphy inspiration. I’m not really… artsy.

So, why then?

I got to know Iffah (@lukistulis) at Jesselton Artisan Market in KK last year and have been following her instagram since then. Her line was too long that day, so I asked her for her ig handle and that’s how I got to know more of her amazing artworks! I got her to do our family portrait and also got her to do last minute Mother’s Day gifts for a party we did last year.

Yes, she did our portrait! A picture from our trip to Kyoto, Japan.

So I also found out apart from doing portrait drawings, she also conduct classes, so I asked and then she gave me this list of classes that she teaches – Copperplate Calligraphy, Brush Marker Calligraphy and Watercolor Brush Calligraphy. And I’m like, what? So many types of Calligraphy? Omg. So I looked at her list, took a deep breath and google each one.

Copperplate – Omg so intimidating with that weird pen and ink I don’t know if I can do it. Watercolor – I fail watercolor since school. Brush – now this is something I think I can do.

Eh, I have not answered – So, why then?

Well, because Iffah’s posts on her calligraphy works are so pretty and nice and she had classes so I thought, why not! #nadiasorandomlikethat Besides, I’ve always wondered how this could end up as a font type. I like my cursive fonts but to actually write it, I don’t know how.

Anyways, I knew I was interested then, I just don’t know when should I join her class. You know, life takes over and things like this gets buried down somewhere until you remember again. She had a group class that I wanted to join at a venue that I liked, but I ended up not going because something else came up.

Weeks later, my birthday was coming up and Zech asked what I wanted for my birthday. Oddly enough, I thought of Iffah’s class. So here I am! Thank you husband for being supportive of your wife’s random interests, always.

Moments before we start. A bit nervous here.

Booked my slot and 3 weeks later here I am! You know what, just as I sat there before we start our class, looking at all these stuff on the table – I suddenly figured brush calligraphy is just not my element. I got a bit nervous just before we started! I’m so glad Iffah was so cool to start with little talks and I felt easily in sync with her. She prepared notes, some pens to start with, and ohhhh… it was my first time using tracing papers! I’ve always wanted to do something with tracing papers but I’m not artsy enough to know what it is for or when to use it.

Got this from her ig story. I was trying to write my name.

There is technicality to brush calligraphy and we started with that. I was so afraid of making mistakes, and my lines were all crooked but there she was, kind enough to keep on cheering, “That’s really good! Very good for a beginner!“. Ahh… thank you Iffah. It’s good to be reminded it’s my first time and stop trying to make it perfect.

She’s trying to explain different ways to decorate our words.

Since this was my 33rd birthday present, it goes to show it’s never too late to learn a new skill no matter where you are right now in life and it’s ok to just try out random things because it’s interesting. It may lead you somewhere in the future, it may not. You might still like it when you are 60 years old, you may not. It’s totally OK! I used to think learning something through a proper class must come with a very solid reason like – going to vocal classes only because you want to be a singer, going to art classes because you want to be a commissioned artist, attending photography classes because you want to be a paid professional photographer – you get me. Well, it doesn’t and I only realised it now. Just do it, do it without expectations and have fun! And that’s exactly what I did.

Terima kasih, Cikgu!

As for Iffah’s class, all I can say is she made brush calligraphy simple to understand and easy to start especially for beginners like me with no experience whatsoever. I highly recommend her classes if you are interested in calligraphy and based in Kota Kinabalu. Head over to her instagram @lukistulis for more details.


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