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My title made this post sounds like a super detailed how-to list… but nope. I will share with you my experience on how I stopped adding sugar in my coffee. It was a journey filled with bitter (literally) sweet (not really) moments but I did it and I only have my black coffee without sugar now. Still trying to skip the sugars in my latte but hey, life’s a journey not a destination right? Hopefully my method can help you try and hopefully in the end skip sugar altogether, yes? Yes.

There are tons of reasons why we should be reducing our sugar intake in not just coffee but everything else as well. Or you may do this just for the fun of it! Which was how I started. I did it for fun and purely out of curiosity.

It started when I was out for breakfast with my cousin and she ordered her Iced Nescafe without sugar. I was, “What???! But why?!

How I see it was – coffees are comforting because of the sweetness from the sugar in them. Taking that ingredient out pretty much takes away the comfort in my coffee. Imagine eating cakes that were baked with absolutely no sweetness even just a tiny bit. Can you feel how sad that is? That’s a sad cake! (for me of course).

That was what I thought. They somehow convinced me that it’s nice and I should try it. I was very sceptical, mind you. I did not try it immediately but I got curious. Curious enough to try after a few days.

Enjoying my morning coffee

Now, how did I start?

Start with absolutely no sugar at all but a small amount of coffee and gradually adding in more coffee in your cup. That’s it!

My usuals is a teaspoon of coffee and 2 teaspoons of sugar. I started with a quarter teaspoon of coffee with a cup of hot water, no sugar. How did that tasted? Tasted weird. A very diluted coffee that did not taste like coffee. But, it was bearable. It tasted alright.

I was slow and mellow that morning and told my cousin that my black-coffee-no-sugar is not doing its job to keep me awake. When she found out how much coffee I put in my cup, in her exact words she said, “the portion is smaller than the size of your eye how to open” (referring to my eyes). Very funny you but well, it’s true.

The next day, I up my game. Half a teaspoon! I can taste the bitter part of the coffee but it was not over empowering. I’m starting to like it! I continued with half a teaspoon for a few days before finally going for a full teaspoon. I pretty much stopped right here until today. That’s how I like it!

When you decide to let go of your sugar, you will finally get to taste how different coffee beans, tastes differently. I did not realize this until recently. I usually make my own coffee with Nescafe at home, and I have also tried Starbuck’s Americano. Both tasted different (without sugar).

A few days back, my colleague and I tried out locally produced coffee at Dock In Hostel‘s cafe. They had a few range but we chose the Bayu Catimor Coffee. We requested for our beans to be grinded for us. To brew it yourself, you will need coffee filters or sifters to make your own coffee – which I did not have. I can’t wait to try it at the office so I just had to let all the coffee powder sink in my cup before drinking it – doable but not recommended.

Grinding our coffee beans

These coffee beans are locally planted and produced by Crocker Valley Coffee in Ranau, Sabah. We were really intrigued by how they describe the flavour on the box. As you can see for this one it’s White Chocolate, Hint of Mix Floral & Juices. 

Bayu Catimor Coffee

Bayu Catimor Coffee are grown at high elevations (4000ft to 5000ft), just below the frost line in order to produces a denser & richer bean. Less oxygen, the plants grow more slowly giving the beans a more concentrated flavor. – Crocker Valley Coffee

I personally feel that this coffee, even without sugar, ends with a sweet note – I wish I know how to explain this better! You just have to try it to know and compare them with your regular coffee.

Kes tiada kesabaran

You may also get your coffee fix with these yummy beans at Dock In Hostel‘s cafe. They serve their coffee only using Bayu Catimor Coffee.

So, ready to skip that sugar in your coffee? Try it today and let me know how you like it!


  1. I stop adding sugar to my coffee six/seven years?? It started when I attended a conference, there was a coffee/tea break. Grabbed a coffee and wanted to take sugar but too many people. So i was like “urgg…hantam lah. No sugar, no sugar lah” cos I wasn’t going to wait. Boy, I enjoyed my bitter coffee!

    To enjoy coffee, is to drink it as it is. Otherwise, you are only drinking/tasting sugar. Now, I want to try that catimor coffee.

    1. That’s a long time ago! Haha… glad that worked out for you. Wish I knew this sooner too. And yes I agree, enjoying coffee as it is – is the best. When I go out I still order latte but opt for Vanilla or Mocha. Sweetness but not directly from sugar. Catimor coffee is worth the try. Let me know if you like it!

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