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In recent times, mental health has no longer become a topic of taboo but rather it’s an issue that is frequently needed to be addressed, even in conservative Asian countries. We have more people discussing it openly, and we also have our Malaysian government addressing the issue, doing their part to help.

I was privileged to join a gathering yesterday hosted by my friends, Hellena and Dena. It was a class to learn how to make my own DIY perfume using essential oils and also a brief introduction on how our emotional state can affect our internal organs and health.

Hellena in action.

Anger Can Affect Your Liver.

She said it and I’m like… what?! I got home after our gathering with this stuck in my head. I know how negative emotions can affect our overall health negatively but I have not explored the idea that a certain emotion can directly link itself to an organ!

Search a bit more online and I found this –

In both Eastern and Western medicine, it is believed that there is a connection between the body’s internal organs and the emotions we have. When we are filled with positive emotions, we are considered balanced. All of us naturally experience negative emotions at times. When we are overwhelmed in them over long periods, the stress can create an imbalance in our bodies, affecting our system as a whole, including individual organs. –

You can read more on that website. They gave a list on which emotions affects which organs. So apparently yes, there are tons of articles and information that confirms this (the website I quoted simplifies it).

How does anger affects the liver?

Psychosomatic studies have determined the link between our feelings and the body’s major organs. When we live in anger and resentment, the liver produces an excessive amount of bile. Because this is something the organ would not produce in its natural state, the surplus bile causes acidity in the stomach; thus, we start experiencing headaches and an overall state of depletion and toxicity. The liver is the body’s second largest organ, and it regulates the digestive system, our metabolism and the body’s capacity to detox. –

It is so important to manage our stress and our anger!

While there are many ways to overcome negative feelings (yoga, regular exercising, work and life balance, etc) during the gathering yesterday we learned how to release and manage these negative emotions with the help of Young Living essential oils. When we can counter these negative feelings early, we can somehow prevent it from further pulling us swirling down into that negativity hole.

Emotion points on our palms and fingers

The method combines the use of essential oils, affirmations and jin shin jyutsu massage. It requires us to confront the source of our worry, stress, sadness or fear. When you are able to recognize the source, it will be easier for you to let it go.

The Feelings Kit
Forgiveness, Harmony, Inner Child, Present Time, Release and Valor

We went through each oil, and the bottles were passed around for us to sniff or try… when something very interesting happened. As you can see in the above picture, one of the Feelings Kit oil is Release. When this particular bottle was passed around, the whole class was suddenly all mellow and we had some ladies teared up! I was so surprised and I felt this sudden need to cheer everyone up.

Goes to show how powerful these oils are. I strongly recommend trying essential oils if you have tried other methods and failed, or you finally feel the need to confront your feelings. I would love to share this information with more people. It would be a bit harder to explain it in writing. You will need to try it to really feel the effects. Maybe we can do more sharing sessions this year focusing more on emotional oils? I would love to hear from you.

Zarra also joining in to listen

By the way, I do not sell these oils. However I can show you how you can purchase them (or even how to get them for free). The Feelings Kit is not available in Malaysia but you may purchase the oils individually.

We have found an alternative way to help manage our hormones and emotions. For women, this is like finding gold.

The gathering is part of Young Living Live Your Passion Rally. Thank you Hellena for inviting me to be part of it! I really enjoyed myself and grateful for the knowledge.

Just noticed how Zarra is catching up with my height 🙁 Why you grow up so fast baby girl.

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