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It was towards the end of the year in December 2018 and Zarra was starting school in a week. We thought of going on a short trip and decided to explore more of Sabah on a mini road trip! The whole road trip deserves a post on its own, but this time I would like to share with you where we stayed in Kudat.

While searching for a place to stay, I stumbled upon Kotak Kotak Borneo on Airbnb. While there were a few options available to stay close to the beach at Simpang Mengayau, I chose Kotak Kotak because of its unique exterior look and I felt this was the right time to experience something out of ordinary on this trip.

Yesssss, we stayed a night in a container cabin!

Don’t miss their little sign on your way to the Tip of Borneo!

Kotak Kotak is situated just 5 minutes from the Tip of Borneo (by car) and they have various minimalist designed individual cabins. They had a few cabin options within the property with wetland view or sea view. We got ourselves their only sea view unit which is located right in front facing the beach.

It was raining when we arrived and the waves were really high so we didn’t get to directly go to the beach. The rain stopped for a while before sunset with just enough time for us to walk around the property for some pictures.

The next morning was just perfect! We woke up really early, slide the balcony door and just enjoyed nature’s scene with the sound of beautiful waves. Definitely the best way to wake up in the morning.

Weather was clear and cold that morning so we finally get to go to the beach. Still not a good idea to go in the water because the waves were still too high, so we just hang out and walk around the beach building sand castles.

It was just so beautiful
Spent some time building and crashing sand castles

My Review

Great location just across the beach. We were greeted by the host upon arrival and check in was smooth. Our cabin was comfortable, installed with air conditioning and we had our own little dining table, fridge and kitchen sink.

I wish I had taken more pictures of the interior (I didn’t know I’ll be making this review!). You may view the interior of their cabins on their Facebook or Airbnb page.

Staying over with kids?

For families with kids (like me), please note that there is no TV in the cabin. Our phone lines were out of service a lot of time too, which means no data. On the bright side, we get to spend time off from our phones and iPad. I would recommend bringing some books to read or family board games. Or just explore the beach front when weather permits!

Kudat town is 30 minutes away so if exploring the town is part of your plan, best to do it during the day as the access road to Simpang Mengayau is really dark at night.

There are restaurants nearby and this property also have a small convenience shop within the area so getting some basic items or canned drinks at night is easy. The host also serves American Breakfast for purchase in the morning – I would advice to just have your breakfast here. We left at 9.30am and we thought we can find a place to eat nearby on our way to Ranau but most places at Simpang Mengayau were not open yet. We had our breakfast at a place that’s an hour away. Super hungry by then.

Overall, I highly recommend to check this place out and experience living in a very comfortable cabin overlooking a beautiful beach.

If you’re heading here in December, be prepared for rainy weather and high waves. We were told by the host that the waves were forecasted to be it’s highest at that time – perfect for surfing. If that’s your thing, plan ahead and catch your waves!

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