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Whoahh… it’s the 14th day of Ramadan already, Alhamdulillah! Days after this will be the days when we’ll be less enthusiastic in prepping sahoor and just go with anything that only needs 5 minutes to ready and 5 minutes to eat hehe!


This month, I planned to minimize my time on social media. I occasionally will still check on my feed and Alhamdulillah, I discovered a few instagram accounts and youtube channels that shares great contents especially for Ramadan. I am so used to the habit of checking my phone and social media so instead of mindlessly scrolling through my feed, I would search for Islamic videos or programs on youtube while also viewing Islamic posts shared on my instagram. Not so much on facebook because there’s just too much food posts LOL

Here are my list of 4 youtube channels and instagram accounts worth following this Ramadan 2019! Hope you try them out if you haven’t and enjoy them as much as I do. May we all benefit from this blessed month, In Shaa Allah.

1. Bayyinah Institute (Youtube)

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan through the Bayinnah Institute Youtube channel made a series specially for this year’s Ramadan called Ramadan 2019 Gems. A 20 – 30 minutes video is uploaded daily where he talks about Allah Azzawajal and our Prophet SAW. What I love about his sharing and this series is how easy it is to understand. It is very insightful, on point, relatable and it almost always makes me go “Woww…“. I usually take my time listening to this series after Fajr or on the way to work in the morning. Learnt a lot from Ustadh Nouman’s sharings, Alhamdulillah.

2. DOPStv (Youtube & Instagram)

For DOPStv, they have uploaded a series of videos for this Ramadan on both their Youtube channel and IGTV.

On their Youtube channel, they have a series called Seoul Searching with Mizz Nina. Quoted from their video’s description – Mizz Nina’s journey in the beautiful city of Seoul in search of fellow local Muslims and learn about their lives, their faith and their challenges living in a non Muslim country.

What I love about this series is Seoul of course haha! Ok, in all seriousness now. This is a great documentary-like series that gives us an insight to a different culture that is more known for its K-Dramas or K-Pop. The interviews are done in a very relaxed setting. Each video is only about 10 minutes each which is very short and perfect to watch while I am on a break at work or at night before I go to sleep (on the laptop at my dining table because I am trying to avoid browsing my phone – on bed – before sleep).

On their instagram or IGTV, they have a series called Seerah Stories by Safiyya. They’ll post it on their feed with an option to watch more on their IGTV – which I did. Safiyya covers everyday topics that are close to everyone’s hearts from “Why haven’t my duas been answered yet?” to “Keeping our faith when things don’t go our way”. Her topics instils our faith in Allah SWT and reminds us to trust in Allah SWT plannings.

3. Suhaib Webb (Instagram)

I don’t even know who he is prior to discovering his instagram account this Ramadan. I found out about Suhaib Webb from Asma’ Nasa‘s igstory. Suhaib Webb is an American Muslim Imam. What’s interesting about his instagram is everyday, he will request for questions from his followers which is mostly Islamic related and he will answer them while walking in the streets of New York! These questions can be from the basics of Islam to people asking about our Prophet SAW, Tafseer and the Quran. I enjoy watching his igstories while he answer all these questions. His also saves his answers on his highlights so fret not if you missed anything!

4. Yaqeen Institute (Instagram)

I think I discovered Yaqeen’s Institute from Mizz Nina‘s instagram post. They have a Ramadan series called #RamadanStrong where they share tips and daily reflections. I like following their instagram account so when I scroll my feed, their posts will remind me to be more mindful of Ramadan. Apart from posts, the also share videos on their IGTV daily.

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