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3 months later and finally a Part 2! *pretend applause* Ok fine, I honestly forgot. I haven’t blogged in a while then a friend from yoga reminded me that she’s waiting for my part 2. Just when I thought no one cared about my posts (cries in happiness).


So, here it is!

Day 1

Kota Kinabalu – Tuaran (1 hour drive)

Tuaran is part of the route heading to Kudat so we decided to drop by for breakfast and drove into Tuaran town a bit. I asked a friend who works in Tuaran for Mee Tuaran recommendations and she suggested Berungis Cafe. True enough, their Mee Tuaran is really good! But if anyone out there have any other suggestions for good Mee Tuaran in Tuaran itself, do let me know. This one at Berungis Cafe, I definitely rate it very good (not that I do any ratings or anything).

While at Berungis Cafe, we literally stumbled upon this temple just next to our building. The temple is aesthetically beautiful. We hang out outside for a few pictures before it started to drizzle.

Tuaran town itself is a mixed of old and new buildings. A small town but with a lot of people. You can see new developed buildings on one side and wooden buildings on the other. A little busy town that morning. It was so busy that it was quite a queue to go in and out of town centre.

We continued our journey to Kudat after breakfast in Tuaran. Just as we head out of town, we see a few stalls by the roadside selling fruits, vegetables and Jagung Bakar (roasted corn?). We dropped by one of the stalls to try out the corns and got ourselves some bananas for the trip.


Tuaran – Kudat (2 hours drive)

2 hours later and we arrived at Simpang Mengayau or also famously known as Tip of Borneo!

Braving the crazy wind

Now, the beach here AMAZES me. It doesn’t even feel like I’m in the same country from 2 hours ago. The sea was so clear, so clean and beautiful! It was super windy when we arrived so the sea and waves looked very majestic, like Aquaman was at war down there or something. But seriously, especially if you are residing anywhere within Sabah, Simpang Mengayau’s beach is a must go. Definitely a gem in our own backyard.

Just a heads up, Kudat town centre is not anywhere near Simpang Mengayau. So you have to decide to go to either one first because it’ll be quite a ride to go back and forth from town. If you are staying at Simpang Mengayau, I suggest to go to town first for lunch and some exploring then only to Simpang Mengayau for sightseeing and check-in. It’s not encouraged to drive out at night too because there are no street lights on most of the road. Gets a little creepy when you also have to pass through some forests or plantations.

Or you can also opt for meals around the accommodations in Simpang Mengayau. Some of them have cafes and restaurants.

We had our late seafood lunch at Restoran Kampung Kelapa, located in Kudat town. Their seafood was good and affordable. We also drove into Kudat town and it was rather quiet that day. We were there almost 5pm and some shops were already closed. Very calm and chill.

Finally ending our Day 1 checking into our accommodation at Kotak-Kotak Borneo. I’ve already posted my review here.

Day 2

Kudat – Ranau via Kota Marudu (3 hours drive)

Woke up early and enjoyed the beach just in front of our place for a while. The beach was so clean and calm.

Saying goodbye to Kudat now and making our way to Ranau passing by Kota Marudu. We went to visit Sabah Tea Restaurant & Tea Shop.

First impression? Bad access road. It is mostly gravel road going a bit uphil so just be prepared. But when we reached the restaurant, the view was amazing! We were not even that hungry but we decided to eat, rest and enjoy that breathtaking view for a while after that long drive.

The tea was good but honestly? The food, not so. I tried the “tea” waffles and pancakes and it “wasn’t my cup of tea” LOL #possiblepunfail

There were a lot of picturesque places here and you just have to wait for the crowd to lessen to get your perfect shots. I was expecting the place to be a lot colder but unfortunately, it was very hot. So skip your sweaters!

After exploring Sabah Tea Garden, we made our way to H Benjamin Residences at Mesilau to spend the night. I have seen a few friends postings on facebook about this place and pictures of the restaurants but I have never been here. I also wondered where it was because I’ve been to Mesilau a few times but never seen H Benjamin Residences anywhere.

Turns out this property is located way inside Mesilau. You will have to drive pass the Desa Farm and Mount Kinabalu Golf Club. I made my bookings via Airbnb.

Mount Kinabalu morning view behind H Benjamin Residence Restaurant

Guess I’ll need to do a separate post to review H Benjamin Residence next. We really like this place and the fact that it has a restaurant of its own saves the trouble of finding dinner at night. The view of Mount Kinabalu just behind it was breathtaking.

And that wraps up our Day 1 and Day 2! Next up will be Part 3 and also the final part of this series.

Here are 2 videos I made for our Day 1 and Day 2! A complete noob in video editing and I have not tried vlogging, ever. Which explains why I don’t talk in my videos. It’s just awkward. But it was definitely fun capturing these moments and editing the videos. Will be taking more videos on our travels onwards!

What do you think of my reviews and travel posts? I’m not sure if postings like this one is my strength yet so I would love to get feedbacks to know how I can improve.

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