My name is Nadia and I am from the Island of Borneo. I was first introduced to blogging  when I was 16 years old by a good friend/classmate. It was more about tweaking layouts, graphics and learning photoshop then. I hop on an off a few blogs over the years before landing on this current one, Living In Chapters.

I am married to Zechary and a mom to our beautiful daughter, Zarra.  I am an Engineer by day and Captain Marvel by night LOL. I wish but no, I am not Captain Marvel but I am everything else when I am not working. I love to read, I enjoy going to the movies, I occasionally watch K-Dramas, I enjoy deep conversations, I like spending time with my family. I am an extrovert (usually with the loudest laugh in the room) but I am at that point in life where I also like being a little reserved and enjoy being on my own.  I can also be very random.

Our little family will usually travel once a year when we can to explore places we’ve never been to. I enjoy the long walks in a foreign land, experiencing different cultures, and my favourite part of every trip is that time when we will just hang out at a cafe, outdoors, enjoying my coffee – doing absolutely nothing  (preferably in colder weathers).

Why Blogging?

I sometimes have thoughts I would love to share in writing. While most will feel it is more convenient on social media, I prefer to share my thoughts in a blog space. I feel that social media is all about scrolling and being fast paced . While blogging is more calming and I feel that it gives me the time to put more thought in my words.

Why Living In Chapters?

I knew I wanted to start blogging again but the biggest challenge will be to name the blog and register that domain. I know I do not want my own name. I typed a long list of words  in my Notes App – words that describes me and the things I like or things that I will blog about.

I believe that I am a life explorer and that my life is like a book. Each thought, each life experience, each moment are like chapters in my book of life.

I hope you enjoy reading each chapter, each posts and hopefully I am also able to share posts that is beneficial to you, In Shaa Allah.

Love always,